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  • 1.7.9 What is a Project?
    The Project Management Knowledge Areas : Project Procurement Management

    Project Procurement Management

    The processes in the Project Procurement Management knowledge area are as follows:

  • Plan Purchases and Acquisitions
  • Plan Contracting
  • Request Seller Responses
  • Select Sellers
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Closure

    The Project Procurement Management knowledge area includes the processes involved with purchasing goods or services from vendors, contractors, suppliers, and others outside the project team. When discussing the Project Procurement Management processes, it's assumed that the discussion is taking place from your perspective as a buyer while sellers are external to the project team. Interestingly, the seller may manage their work as a project, particularly when the work is performed on contract, and you as the buyer become a key stakeholder in their project.

    Process Name Project Management Process Group
    Plan Purchases and Acquisitions Planning
    Plan Contracting Planning
    Request Seller Responses Executing
    Select Sellers Executing
    Contract Administration Monitoring and Controlling
    Contract Closure Closing
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